Hello fellow Chinese food enthusiasts! Learning to cook Chinese food is fast and easy with these great recipes. My name is Li Hua, and I am a MASTER Chef in China (which is rare, because I am a women). I own several Chinese restaurants in the coastal tourist city of Hangzhou, in Zhejiang Province, and my family has a tradition that spans eight generations, of producing top quality Chinese food.

My father was one of the 16 personal Chefs for Chairman Mao Zidong from 1966-1971. He also is credited with having trained several of the chefs for North Korea’s former leader Kim Il-Song, at his invitation, after having eaten at a banquet in his honor given by the Chairman himself. To this day, there is still a small picture of my father and the “Dear Leader” Kim Il-Sung hanging in the Great Hall of the People in Pyongyang, Korea, taken at one of the official banquets. Working for Chairman Mao, my father was allowed to continue his trade and prepare delicious Chinese delicacies.

Chinese food has many varieties, from many different regions of China. The type of food often varies based on the ingredients available in the region. China is such a large country, with major differences in the cuisine of the different regions. There have been poems written describing these differences. In general, Sichuan is spicy, Hunan is spiciest. Guangdong is sweet, northern food is salty, etc. If you are like me though, you love to eat them all. Chinese food is very special in that way, and it has been enjoyed by the entire world since the era of Marco Polo’s visit to our great land.

Here at my web site I invite you to lean how to cook Chinese food from all over China. I have included many, many recipes, and I will add more as I build my web site. Everything is free and I hope you enjoy learning to cook Chinese food. Follow the directions carefully and try to get all the correct ingredients. They are usually availble at any Chinese or Asian supermarket. As you learn to cook Chinese food and become efficient at it, you will be able to experiment with various ingredients and create your own dishes, as you learn what each ingredient will do to enhance the flavour the recipe.

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